I want to make a post because I feel as if I haven’t posted on this blog in so long. I’m on my way back to Las Vegas right now and in Kansas God hadn’t spoken to me specifically about where to take Evangelist. I believe he’s waiting for me to ask Him but as soon as I know I’ll let you guys know


Percussion for Christ

Members Present: Albert Gorby, Judith Faustima, Shely Wright, and Kayla Alexander

This week we started at seven o’clock. We were having an issue with the speaker system so we started a little later than usual. During this time Judith made a joke about how God wanted us to wait before Him in silence (but I don’t think she realized the power of this joke) then Judith started playing worship music from her iPhone. Then I asked her to turn off the music for a second so we can open up in prayer, she did. Then after prayer Judith turned on the new Bethel album and we worshiped. God immediately showed me Acts 5, but I wasn’t sure if that was genuine because the girls and I were talking about Acts earlier.  Kayla asked Judith to turn off the music because she felt the Lord really wanted us to wait on him in silence. After that, I tried clearing my head of all thoughts then Judith said she really feels like the Lord is saying no matter what, be persistent in getting these people saved and she read a passage from Acts, so after she read that, I was like oh heck no! That had to be God, so then I open up to Acts 5 and the first thing I see is the story of “Ananias and Sapphira”, and I just thought wow God! That’s crazy because I was just talking about that story earlier. So I read it and the words that stand out to me are “how could you lie to the Holy Spirit” something about “The Church wronging them or vise versa, and “ the fact that they died. So then I scroll through the pages and I see Acts 6:38-39 & 42 are underlined so I read them and that went along with what Judith was saying. Albert then shares that the Lord showed him green pastures and a diamond. The Lord told me lets all just be quiet and wait before me in silence, but before I could say it, Judith said it. Albert later on changed his green pastures to a green shirt, but I told him God told me pastures too. Kayla then confirmed that saying she is seeing green pastures as well. God shows me a red car and pretty much as God is giving us these bits and pieces of a story we’re letting them slip right out of our mouths. Judith asked us what is the definition of Oasis so I look it up, and Webster’s says, “a fertile or green area in an arid region (as a desert) and something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.” So Judith is like “okay that’s it, there is a Oasis on Blue Diamond rd.” So we set off for Oasis, with Judith and I in one car and Albert and Kayla in another. On our way their Judith and I decide to pray so we start praying in the car and she said that just like the story of Ananias and Sapphira, she feels they’re going to die soon, because of their sin. Then the Lord showed me lights around this decorative pool and two couples a older couple and a younger but in the vision they were joined as one, so it seemed like it was just one couple, but I could tell rather they were old or young. So we pool to the front of Oasis RV park and there is a guard and you need to know someone to get in apparently but he had full faith that if this is where God wanted us to go, we’ll get in. So we do… in a way. We go to the clubhouse, because they were having a party, which was perfectly convenient for us. But I had to go to the bathroom because I didn’t at the church when everyone else went, so I went there and when I came out of the bathroom the security guard was there with Judith, Albert and Kayla. We then started walking out of the clubhouse and when we turn around the security guard is gone. So we continue doing Gods work, the guard never even said anything to us. So I felt the Lord say we need to split up, and while we were in the car, I felt God say when you guys do split up who you’re in the car with is who you’ll be splitting up with, so me and Judith went in one direction and Kayla and Albert went in another. After Judith and I split from them we got real scared, it’s nighttime it’s dark and were two females in a huge trailer park that we have no business being in… except Gods business. But we walk and we just decide to go to the first people outside we see and they were a couple, it turns out they are believers and we started talking to them and after a while we felt way better so we asked if they needed prayer and the woman prayed for us. In that whole conversation, I felt God say I sent them to comfort you two, don’t be afraid. As we were leaving God reminded me of the verse where Paul said, “By being kind to people, some have entertained angles” and that day I was sort of praying that I’ll have a encounter with a angel and so I truly believe that they were angles that God sent us to comfort us, but while we were talking to them, I felt God say when you two and Kayla and Albert come together that’s when you’ll find what you’re looking for. After a little time of walking we all meet up, then we see this guy coming out of his car so Judith and I go to speak to him and he was just so sad. We ask him if he wants prayer, but he eventually said no, after being unsure. Then we all sat at a bench in front of their trailer just to talk. When we noticed that someone a woman just came out of the house that guy went into, we tried asking her for prayer but she refused in a harsh tone. So we prayed right by the bench, and left but I truly felt like God wanted us to stay. The whole time I just felt in my heart that we weren’t going to get arrested no matter what. So we went back because we really felt God told us to and we just say at the bench. When we sat she called the security because she was truly freaked out. So Kayla felt at unease about the situation which is understandable we were breaking the law but the Jesus and the disciples did it all of the time. So we moved to another picnic table and sat because I just had this strong urge that God wanted us to wait for the guy to come to us. Kayla however, really felt we should go, so Judith told them to go check the cars (because Kayla was worried that they were towed). So Albert and Kayla checked the cars, then we let them go home because we didn’t want to make Kayla uncomfortable. So Judith and I stayed and she said that the woman went inside and the guy left and I asked God “like what do you want us to do”. Judith and I felt at ease about walking out now so we did and as we were the guy (from the younger couple) sped up to us with his car and stopped right in front of us and asked if we were from the park and we said no (because when he asked us the first time we said yeah) then he yelled for security! Judith and I just stood there but I still felt God really strongly say you’re not going to get arrested. The guy asked us why we lied, if we’re from the gospel we’re not suppose to lie, but we explained to him why we did, because God wants to have a encounter with him and if we told him we weren’t from the park he would have gotten us kicked out, then we couldn’t fulfill Gods plans for that night. Security came and explained to us that we were trespassing rather we meant harm or not, we couldn’t do that. So they asked us to leave and we didn’t but when we got into the car our hearts were so satisfied. That’s what we were waiting for, that little taste of persecution and we felt Gods Spirit all over it and throughout the whole situation of being yelled at. The verse in 2 Corinthians when God says to Paul “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” we truly felt that, and although that can’t even compare to the persecution that’s going to come, we felt God so much in all of it and we realized that no matter what, when it comes to what God says screw the laws of the land, screw rules and forget opinions and doubt! “Man does not live on bread alone but one every word that comes from God” and that is seriously the only thing that matters in situations like that. I felt like I just got a blast to the future, where Gods word is law and it felt so good.

Multiple Visions for Multiple People

Members Present: Mina Johnson, Michele Demcuk, Shely Wright, and Albert Gorby


We started as normal, but because we were a little later than usual God started revealing words to us right away. He told Michele to go outside and dance before him in worship once Michele can back inside, God told Albert to go outside, then he told him to go to the bathroom and wash his hands, and as he did he saw magenta, the color, his hands were the color magenta. About 15-20 minutes after worship started, God gave Mina a vision of a guy playing the guitar and singing in front of the Planet Hollywood where the escalators are, near the bus stop. So we were like that’s it! Lets go to Planet Hollywood, and then we shared any other words that God gave us. Then Albert told us about the color Magenta and I told him “that’s crazy” because earlier today God showed me the color Magenta too, but I really didn’t think much of it because it was earlier in the day. Albert also said that God gave him the impression of a broken relationship, like a broken family relationship problem. I soon revealed that God also showed me music, which is when mina’s vision and what God showed me came into sync; He also revealed that this guy playing music, the music brought him bliss and happiness, almost like the happiness of the Holy Spirit but it wasn’t of the Holy Spirit, it didn’t have Gods presence in it, it was just as close as you can get to it without the Lord being in it. He also said that this guy, (He told us it was a guy) plays the piano, and he told Mina the violin as well, so he played multiple instruments. Then Albert said that the music brought youthfulness to this person. So then we set off to Planet Hollywood, and on the way there we were praying continuously, and God showed me the head of a person, semi-long, mixed type of hair, like African American hair but more cooperative, gray and bald on the top and kind of rugged like it hasn’t been combed, God also showed Albert to not be afraid to split up because he wanted us too. Once we got there we went to the part of Planet Hollywood where the escalators are (on Las Vegas Blvd. in the front of the building) so we came to a place because we were asking the Holy Spirit to guide us. As we were asking God Michele said she felt the Lord tell her a red birthmark or tattoo. So once we came to the steps we stopped held hands and prayed. Someone got a word that the person we’re looking for is wobbling, like they’re hurt, angry or drunk, then Albert said he felt the Lord tell him the same thing, to not be afraid to split up, but this time I felt him say the same thing, I felt him say me and albert together and Mina and Michele together, but I was a little afraid for that because they (Mina and Michele) have never really done this sort of thing before. So I gave them a word of encouragement then we split up. This whole time we were thinking God wanted us to speak to only one person. So I felt lead to walk into the casino so I told Albert and we did. As we were walking inside these two girls caught my eye, they were dressed up as Vegas show girls and they were walking across the street, but I didn’t think so much of it. Instead of stopping we continued on inside but once inside, we felt lead to turn around so then we did. Once we came outside of the casino the two girls that were walking across the street were standing right where we left. I asked God if we should talk to them, and I felt lead to. Even though I felt like they weren’t the people we were looking for I talked to them anyway. God told me that one of the girls wasn’t from Vegas she was from out of town, and where she was from brought bliss to her, the type of feeling you get when you live in a small town and everyone knows you so therefore everyone is family to you. God also told me that the other one was from Vegas, so knowing this information we went over to them and spoke, everything God told me was true, and she’s a “church girl” quote unquote from the girl that was next to her who by the way was from Vegas. After that Albert and I proceeded to find the musician God showed us. So we were walking and Mina and Michele ran into us after sometime. Michele said God showed her a red birthmark or tattoo. There was a guy walking, who passed us and he had a red star tattoo. I told Michele to go talk to him and she did, I let her and Mina go because I didn’t feel lead to talk to him, then there was this guy next to us yelling about Jesus and the things that were in the bible, and these three guys caught Albert’s eye and he said he felt like that was the guy we should talk to out of all three, only one. He had curly African American type hair and it wasn’t combed. So we got to talk to them, and they guy screaming Jesus was right in our ears so I was like how are we suppose to ask these guys if they wanted prayer with him in the way, so we pull them to the side and as we were Albert tells me he feels like this guy is willing to except God but his friends are a hindrance. So I was like okay, I’ll try to distract them. So one friend was extremely drunk and he jumped into the trash can and sat there, the other friend I was trying to talk to and he was not in the mood to except Jesus but God told me to tell him, that he’s going to reveal himself to him and for him to be ready and open to accept it, because he travels and in that God is going to show him things. Afterwards when Albert was finished talking to the other guy, me and Albert spoke and he said that this the one he was talking to was from Nigeria or some place in Africa and that he played a lot of instruments but somehow he ended up in America, he doesn’t play anymore and his family situation is broken. So that night he rededicated his life to Christ because he was once a believer, and he told Albert that he wants to do better in life but he met those two guys and he feels like he’s stuck with them. I’m assuming Albert prayed for him then we moved on. When we crossed the street between the Paris and the planet Hollywood the screaming preacher was still there. God reminded me of Father of Lights the movie and how they went to a place thinking they were going to evangelize to people who didn’t know God and it turned out God wanted them to go there and evangelize to a people who were preaching the gospel out of hatred, then he gave me a word of wisdom for the screaming preacher that when you preach the gospel out of a hardened heart they’re no longer love letters. God also gave Albert a word so we went over to this gut thinking that he was going to receive it and he completely pushed us away but it wasn’t a normal rejection it was like a hatred rejection and it had the spirit of the anti-Christ behind it. So Albert and I walk away because we’re getting really frustrated at this guy telling people about our God with this kind of heart. So God tells us to write down the word on a piece of paper so I grab one of the papers he’s giving out and write it on the back of there. Then Michele and Mina come back and tell us about their guy. Apparently he felt them coming to him was a blessing because he was starting to feel like more spiritual but I don’t think it was a good kind of spiritual so, Michele and Mina prayed for him and then they come back and Michele said that he was walking very angrily and I believe after she prayed he was a lot more calm. So we told Michele and Mina what happened with the false preacher. Michele said she thought he was fine and she took a paper from him, so I was like oh my gosh because he knows what me and Albert look like maybe you can give it to him and he’ll actually receive it. By this time there was a drunken guy who was screaming at this guys and screaming over the false preacher at the top of his lungs telling people walking by to not listen to him. After that we go and we just love on the guy with the love of Christ and after a while God tells me to go find the false preacher (because he left that area, after rejecting to receive the written word from Michele) and give him the note because on the day of judgment that conversation of what happened here is going to come up so we left and We felt God say to cross the street so we did and he was there and we tried to give him the note but this guy wouldn’t let us touch him and he called us saved and he said he wouldn’t talk to us because we are already saved then about two minutes later he calls us Satan and run away. At this time, we realize he’s demon-possessed so we run one more time and we try to find this guy but he was gone, on the way we loose Mina and Michele. So it’s just me and Albert walking and we run into another one, and I just wanted to leave but Albert felt prompt to talk to him so we do and he was a lot more inviting, letting us know that they’re not all like that, the demon-possessed one was a special case. In the end we pray for him and we let him know that it’s good you’re reading the bible but you need a church family too, God showed us in that moment how dangerous it is, to be in this world and not have a church family. It’s a lot like a herd of sheep, sheep last longer and stay stronger of course when they have a Shepard but also when they’re all together as a family, apart they’re a lot more likely to get lost, or even eaten alive. When we were finished with him we walked by to Mina and Michele, they were sitting down eating so we joined them. As we analyzed the night we realized that we encountered two girls wearing magenta feathers, a broken musician in tattered clothing with uncombed hair, and a man who was bald at the top of his head with long-ish grey hair (the last Vegas strip preacher we encountered). The visions and words we got were for multiple people not just one. Then God reminded me of the 72’s how Jesus sent them off in two’s and having everyone cancel on me that night we still ended up with a perfectly even number of four or be sent off in two’s.

September 19, 2012

The Colors of God and the Guy at Wal-Mart

Members Present: Michaela (Mikk) Linderman, Kayla Alexander, Judith Faustima, Albert Gorby, Karissa, and Shely Wright

This week we opened up in prayer as usual, and as we opened up in prayer I asked God to have us talk to a Male this week because we always talk to females so then we stared worship and God told me Wal-Mart and a dark blue shirt then he showed me the dark blue Wal-Mart (Supercenter), which I thought was strange because that’s not close at all, the closest Wal-Mart to us is the green one (Market), so I continued in worship. Then God showed me a beach with sand and blue water. So then God told me to ask anyone if they got anything but I delayed then Mikk walked out for a second then came back as we were sharing. Albert said that he got a Male, with a orange shirt then Judith got hardened heart, Male and rich/high in authority then Michaela said God showed her San Rafael the housing complex next to the church. We were still confused on the way He wanted us to do this so we prayed again and God told me yellow. After that we got sent of to San Rafael, we took two cars and when we got to the gate it was closed, but praise be to God that three cars showed up to open it for us. After that we scanned the streets asking God who this person was that we were supposed to talk to, We didn’t know if we were suppose to go to the door or walk around so we prayed while we were driving.

And after about our eighth wrong street we pulled over and started praying in the car. And God gave me a flash of red, after that we were debating going back to previous streets where we saw two guys standing outside. But Mikk felt that we should search one more street the opposite way, so we did. And when we made a right at the round-a-bout we saw a boat relating to the water God showed me. Mikk’s headlights hit a red car that was the same flash of red God showed me, and they were having a party and a lot of people were standing outside which was rare for that type of neighborhood like that. So we assumed that was the spot so we parked on the side of the road, near the house next to the house having the party. But we couldn’t all go there because the party was ending and we weren’t invited. So Albert and Mikk went over. As they went down the street everybody who was outside went inside, so they walk down to a mailbox where we they saw two people, a couple. They told them that they were doing an evangelist ministry and God pointed them out and asked if they needed prayer for anything and they both said “no” so Albert and Mikk left and walked back to met up with the group. Then Judith, Karrisa, Kayla and I got out of the car and looked over across the street on the opposite side where we parked and saw sand in a construction site and orange cones. That was conformation that we were in the right area, so we prayed again and God gave me the color green, but it was a scenery type green; that was another conformation because trees surrounded us, which is very rare for the desert. Then as a group we walked towards the roundabout and the Lord put on all of our hearts to wait in His presence. As we sat there and waited, Kayla said she felt the Lord put on her heart to walk forward, then Albert said he felt the walk to the right, so we were thinking okay, lets split up in two groups, three and three but the Lord reminded me of the 72’s and as He was doing that Judith said she felt the Lord tell her to wait right there. Then I was like okay, we’ll split into three groups of two. God then reminded me that He sent everybody of in twos, so Kayla and Mikk went forward and Albert and karrisa went right and Judith and me stayed. At the time Karrisa and Albert started heading back the man we saw earlier (the one who had the party) came back with his son, so Judith, Albert, Karrisa and I went to pray for him and he said he “goes to the church by the school” and he liked what we were doing and wanted us to pray for everybody in his neighborhood because there is a lot of hurting. We said ok we will but what do you need prayer for and he said he was good. So we asked if we could pray anyway and he let us. And afterwards Judith said that that wasn’t the guy she could feel it in her spirit that he wasn’t the one, so we started walking to where Kayla and Mikk left, and at the same time they were heading back. They told us that the saw a guy working on his car and prayed for him and then came back. So as we were about to get in our cars to leave a garage opened and Judith noticed a blue and yellow bike. Then a guy who was wearing underwear came out and Judith and Albert felt that was the one we were suppose to pray for. We all felt we should go talk to him but it was awkward because he wasn’t wearing a lot of clothes so Albert and Karrisa went over to him. But keep in mind that God told her hardened heart and even though he refused prayer we knew he was the one. Still no one wanted to go over to him because he was half naked and had already said no to prayer and we were on his property. We then got into our cars and left feeling a little discouraged knowing he was the one. So we all came back to the church and went home that night. The next day Albert was in Wal-Mart (the dark blue one) walking down the ale and noticed the guy from the previous night just past him. Albert didn’t think anything of it until he remembered that I got Wal-Mart that previous night. So then Albert went back and found him and tried to talk to him. He still was closed off and Albert remembered hardened heart and didn’t want to loose him a second time. So Albert walked around in the store with him and started to share his testimony with the man. After the man shared his name but he was still closed off but it wasn’t as bad. Then Albert got to pray with him and he allowed it. Albert prayed for a good five minutes and felt that he was a different person and that something was different when they were done praying. Then he said he had to go and checked out and Albert ran to him in the parking lot and the Lord put on Albert’s heart to tell him that the Lord is knocking at the door of his heart and to accept Him. Then He thanked Albert and got in his yellow car and left.

September 12, 2012

The Woman at the Fountain

Members Present: Albert Gorby, Kayla Alexander, Judith Faustima, Shely Wright, & Karissa

So it all started in the multipurpose room. It was so crazy because all I was hearing that day was “never doubt the spirit, trust the spirit in each other” and he even gave me a word about that. So first we prayed as usual, then we worshipped and all I kept getting the whole time was a green fountain so I was like umm okay… I kind of just kept that to myself and I kept worshipping but then God gave me a word for the group, and especially me to remember that each time is going to be different and in different ways that we might not even realize. So I shared the word with everyone and Kayla asked if anyone had gotten anything and Judith said she got rich and Starbucks, then Karissa said no way that’s crazy because God was telling me rich and green, but I was just sitting on it like umm God is that really you? And she said God reminded her of Acts 5 because she was reading that earlier that day, then Judith said really? Wow, because God had me go to Acts 5 just now and read the story of Ananias and Sapphira. So I asked Kayla if she got anything and she was like no, its not right but we asked her to share it anyway and she got poor like, husband and walking and God had her go to the book of John about the story of the Samaritan woman and God kept repeating over and over again in my head “trust the spirit in each other” so I was like “okay… well God showed me a green fountain, and us walking on the strip”. Then I said, “Is there anywhere on the strip where there is a green fountain with a Starbucks next to it”. Judith then said, “Yes! Caesars Palace” so we left to go to Caesars Palace but on the way there we felt unsure so we were praying in the car too and God told Judith be persistent, don’t leave until she is saved, He also showed us that she is homeless and has a rich background and something with the business and a husband, but he also told us to pray when we get there. All throughout the Caesars Palace we kept running into distractions, it was like we were being slowed down for some reason. When we finally got to the water fountain, it was the exact same one God showed me in the vision He gave me. After we arrive there God tells me walk towards Starbucks (because it was around the corner) and I told the group, then Kayla said she felt the exact same thing so we started walking and right in front of Starbucks Judith says wow guys I can really feel the Spirit in this place, and then we see this homeless woman in about her late thirties to forties and the first thing I notice about her is she has really filthy feet, she was completely barefoot and even for the homeless in Las Vegas, that’s rare but we’re originally thinking God wants us to talk to two different people one rich and one poor. When we get there God tells a few of us to talk to Minnie Mouse (because there are all kinds of Disney characters standing on the strip) and another few to talk to the homeless woman, so we split up by who we felt the Spirit told us to talk to. Karissa, Judith and I go to the Minnie character and Kayla and Albert go to the homeless woman. So we (Judith, Karissa and I) ask Minnie to remove her head and she’s said no, I can’t. So we assumed okay not this Minnie but there was another one sitting right by the water foundation so we go over there. Then we ask her to remove her head but she says no too so we were like okay whatever we’re talking to her anyway so we ask her questions and she kind of fit the description; Once married, currently having financial problems, etc. Then I looked up and I saw Woodie and Andy from toy story so I take Karissa over to them and we ask them questions and God gives us some words of knowledge and wisdom for their lives so we pray for Woodie and then everyone else starts coming back over so I ask Judith what happened with Minnie and she said, “At first she didn’t want prayer she wasn’t open to it at all, put after being persistent, she finally opened up, so I prayed for her”. I then asked Kayla and Albert what happened with the homeless woman, and Albert and Kayla said, “she started saying some crazy things like, she’s all of our mothers and were all her children. Judith and I look at each other and instantly knew she was demon-possessed, so we needed to cast the demon out of her and we went back to the spot that she was at and she was gone, we all had the feeling that that would happen. Because she was demon-possessed when we felt the spirit in that area it was because the Holy Spirit in us and the demonic spirit in her were at a conflict. We started looking for her for about a good 20 minutes, we cross the street, split up (Albert, Kayla and I and Judith and Karissa), prayed, everything we could think of. In the end we eventually end up back at the fountain and the homeless woman was sitting right there! So we call Judith and Karissa back to where we were and we go over to her and we talk to her a little bit, and she’s still talking crazy. We asked her if she wanted prayer and she didn’t really care, so we started praying for her, after we did the first time there wasn’t a change but we could see something lighten in her, so there was a slight change but she wasn’t talking any more normal. After talking to her for a little while we ask her if she believes Jesus is Lord and Savior and she says, “no, I’m God and you are all my children, I gave birth to all of you”. As we’re talking to her this guy that I had seen earlier walking around jumps into the fountain we’re sitting at and starts walking around in the fountain then he jumps out and keeps walking. We completely ignore it, then we pray for her and cast the demon out of her and this time there was a noticeable change, she was a lot more willing to speak but there was still some kind of a blockage. Albert and I heard the Lord say over and over again in our heads wash her feet in the fountain so we did. While we were washing her feet the ceases palace security guard comes to us and ask up “what you are doing?” stop that. But we know what God told us to do, so we told the security guard “okay, sorry” and as soon as she left we grabbed a cup and continued (God is persistent). [We later found out that the security guard wasn’t there for us, she was there for the guy who had been walking around in the fountain earlier]. After washing her feet we could see she was completely willing and openly sharing things with us. God reminded me of what he told Judith in the car, to “not leave until she’s saved” and that just kept repeating over and over again in my head. After a little while of us talking to her, she started to open up more and more, and Karissa asked her “how is your relationship with your father?” and the first thing she said is “he rapped me”. So we assumed that’s why she thought God was her husband and we were all her children. She later told us about how her husband had owned his own business, and they were once rich, he owned a ranch but something happened and they no longer have it. After washing her feet and loving for her for a little while we ask her again, “Do you believe Jesus is Lord” and she said Yes. So I truly believe that we casted a demon out of her and God her saved. And I feel like the lessons to learn out of this was because we reached out to so many others that we can talk to one or more person when God tells us to talk to someone, another thing I learned is that there isn’t always a manifestation every time there’s a demon-possession in fact that’s something we should be praying for, that there won’t be one, because when there is and Bill Johnson talks about this too that means that the spirit is abusing the body and that’s something we don’t want. I learned a lot that night, but I truly learned how much God loves his children, and what he’ll do to reach out to them, I know that she felt the love of Christ through all of that, and that now until this day she is changed because of what happened at the fountain.


September 5, 2012

The First day of Evangelist Ministry, and a woman in a purple shirt gets healed.

Members Present: Shely Wright, Judith Faustima, Kayla Alexander, Albert Gorby and Mina Johnson

We went into the Multipurpose room to worship and while we were worshiping God just told me to be quiet because I started singing (cause that’s what I usually do during worship, in my private time) but he told me to just be quiet, and this whole time I’m thinking/talking to him saying like it’s okay God if you don’t want to do anything today but just brought us here for the faith to know that we’ll actually do it. And God was just telling me be quiet don’t talk just relax, and I started drifting off to sleep and before I got into a deep sleep God gave me a vision of me praying for a woman’s lungs in Smith’s, then it clicked! GOD GAVE ME A VISION!! So I stopped the worship music and was like “guys God gave me a vision…” and Albert was like “that’s crazy you say that because God told me Smith’s too but I was kind of confused by it, so I was like no, that doesn’t make sense”. So I was like “okay where’s the closest Smith’s”, and Mina said “the one on Maryland Parkway”. But before we left God told me to ask anyone if God told them anything so Judith said well God told me a woman in purple by water (because of the story in Acts) so I started looking it up, but I was thinking like a river or something. So I was like… okay, we’ll go to Smith’s, by the water and we’ll look for a woman in a purple shirt. So we did and once we got to the water ale in Smith’s there was no one there so Judith said okay guys we need to pray because there’s no one here so let’s just pray. So we all held hands in the middle of the Smith’s water ale and started praying and God told Albert to open his eyes and he was like “guys, woman in a purple shirt… look.” so we went after her (because she was leaving the water ale) and I asked her like “excuse me ma’am, God told us to pray for you so is it okay if we do.” and she was like “no I’m okay, I don’t want prayer” but God told me mention the lungs, so I was like “well do you need prayer for your lungs or ribs, God told me you might need prayer for like your lungs or anything breathing problems. So do you have any sickness or anything” and she was like “well yeah, I had mold in my house, and it caused me to have a repertory problem so I’ve been sick for years, and before we started praying she had said she had many encounters like that once in Albertson’s (and I was thinking aw man, so she’s already had prayer; what makes this time different) but God told me this time is different. So we laid hands on her lungs and started praying for her and something happened to her stomach as we were praying like it moved in a weird way and God healed her right then and there and then God told me that she smokes so we started praying for that and that was a negative contribution to her health and sickness but after prayer she was way more open and she started talking to us and opening up more. We invited her to church and have full faith that we’ll see her again but it was just such a incredible experience because this is the stuff that happen in the bible, like in Acts where someone gets a vision and goes and that person is there but God told us like we are Acts like that’s where we are in the bible and it’s time we start moving and showing the world what God showed us. (:

August 29, 2012